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Sofia Vergara shows off her figure in a transparent lace minidress on dinner date

Modern Family star Sofia Vegara was spotted leaving Luques Restaurant last night after having a bite to eat with a friend.

She wore a short black mini dress made of lace that gave a glimpse of her taut stomach, her long legs and her underwear.

The actress wore black tights on her ultra-long legs and black platform heels.

Sofia is one of the many stars that has joined the ensemble cast of New Year's Eve which is the sequel to last year's Valentine's Day.

In the new movie she gets to work alongside rocker Jon Bon Jovi who she grew a soft spot for and called him perfection.

She gushed: 'He was so nice too. Handsome and nice. What could be more perfect?

He just doesn't age. I kept asking him, "Tell me what you put on your face, you look fantastic'.

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