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NHS nurse, 35, 'moonlighted as escort while on paid sick leave

* Mother of three told investigators she was exploring 'new career opportunities'
* Faces being struck off professional register

A nurse worked as an escort while on paid sick leave from an NHS hospital, a disciplinary has heard.

Emma Marsden, 35, featured on escort websites offering sex with ‘men, women or couples’ while away from her job as a staff nurse in Cardiff.

The hearing was told the mother of three's moonlighting was discovered after an anonymous tip-off gave a list of four online sex sites.

Presenting officer Salim Hafejee said: ‘One member of staff received an anonymous phone call indicating Miss Marsden was working selling her services as an escort.

‘The source seemed to be aware she was on sick leave. When the concern was raised, the Trust launched an investigation into the matter.’

Miss Marsden is accused of working as an escort during two month-long spells of sick leave during 2008.

She was employed at the Whitchurch psychiatric hospital in Cardiff working for the local NHS trust.

Mr Hafejee said: ‘Investigators were shown screen images and downloads of webpages advertising escorts for payments.

‘There were also reviews of her services for payment. Witnesses identified the woman in the pictures as Emma Marsden who worked at the trust.

‘When contacted, Miss Marsden accepted it was her that had appeared but said she was merely investigating the possibility of working as an escort if she didn't return to nursing.

‘In light of the reviews being left on the website, it is more likely that she was in fact offering these services and did receive payment.’

Craig Greenstock, internal audit manager at the Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust, told the hearing Miss Marsden advertised herself under a false name.

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